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 Trademark Application

Trademark Registration

Features and Requirements of Trademark Application

1. To Protect your Brand Name

2. Get exclusive Right to use 

3. First user gets first Right 

4. High reputation among consumers

5. Registered trade mark can be hypothecated as security

6. Get right to use the symbol TM or ®


Information Required TM Application.

1. Your Word mark 

2. Logo (if any ) 

3. Proprietor Details , Name ,Address , Email id and Mobile

4. Authorization Letter in Favor of Trademark Agent/Attorney 

5. User Affidavit , if Mark used earlier

Step By Step Procedure

Step 1- Make Public Search in Desired Class 

Step 2- Email Public Search to You

Step 3- After confirmation , Drafting POA and User Affidavit

Step 4- Application for Trademark Registration

Step 5- Getting TM Application No

Step 6- Now you can use TM along with your mark

Time Required

Within 2 working hrs